WAYS TO Support missions


Our Methodist churches need the financial support of our local communities in order to continue to enable the many programs and sources they provide. Please consider supporting your local Methodist Church with regular monthly financial donations.  

The UMM Texas Conference also has financial needs in order to be able to directly support the UMM chapter’s local missions.

The General Commission UMM provides many valuable and useful resources that can help educate and explain the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For those that want to support the GCUMM mission and help provide resources to assist in Men’s Ministry, you can find the follow ways to help:

Circuit Riders Society donor fund is for major gift donors
Legacy Builders donor fund that helps existing ministries and fun new initiatives
Paver Project are engraved commemorative pavers in either 8″x8″ or 4″x8″ sizes 


Many of our local communities are suffering and need clothes, shoes, food and other basic necessities. 


Many of our local chapters are very involved in local outreach and ministry. Our churches and the communities they support always need more volunteers to help them with a variety of needs including food drives, helping senior citizens, visiting sick members, etc. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Texas Conference, please us our contact form to reach us. We also need help keeping track of various goings on in the local chapters as well as various local Men’s programs and services. 

If you’re interested in starting a local Men’s Ministry in your area, you can read more information about how to start a local Men’s ministry chapter on the General Commission’s website.