UMM Texas Mission


The UMM Texas Conference provides resources and support to Men's Ministry and local chapters. Our leadership team networks with leaders from local churches and chapters to identify content, material, and resources that they need to help them make disciples of Christ.


Our purpose is to help build relationships between nearby churches to help men's ministry efforts. One of our most important and central functions is to help Methodist men grow in discipleship. We do this by strengthening discipleship in men's groups, sponsoring fellowship related events and opportunities, and advocating for the needs of the Texas Conference to the General Commission. In the event that a local area of chapter doesn't have one, we help find champions able to start men's ministries where they don't current exist.


We're working on rebuilding the Texas Conference one step and piece at a time. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact on our chapters and local ministries. We intend on holding an annual elections of officers to the Board that governs the Texas Conference. We will continue to distribute a monthly Newsletter to Men's Ministries. We continue to make progress in our goal to having points of contacts throughout the entire Texas Conference. Last but not least, we are working to hold quarterly virtual gatherings and/or meetings.


We currently have:

- One (1) Certified Men's Ministry Specialist
- Forty-five (45) EMS Members
- Nine (9) Legacy Builders
- One hundred (100) Chartered Men's Ministry Groups